Norway Summer 2011

After the Moroccan experience, we were longing to go back on the road… In summer 2011, we decided to head up North for a change, direction NORWAY!

We drove straight from Paris till Denmark in one day (a bit long, but efficient!), slept in Denmark and took a boat to Norway the next day, and there were, in the cold and cloudy weather anyone would dream of for summer holidays :-)


To make things more adventurous – and also because Norway is quite an expensive country – we decided we would camp this time, so we took everything we needed for camping (tent, sleeping bags, stove…), and therefore less clothes and tools than on our previous trip.

We were a bit surprised by the cold at first, finding snow along the road in July is not so common after all!


But very soon we felt very good in this amazing country! Each day we discovered new landscapes with the fjords, mountains, islands…


Guillaume made new friends :-) , on the road…


or on the many ferries we took to cross the fjords along the way…


We improved our camping techniques day after day


We tried to fish for dinner, but it didn’t work so well…


So we ended up in the fish market in Bergen, yummy!!!


We were initially aiming to reach North Cape, but it was a long way and we were running out of time… Still we made it to the Lofoten Islands & above the Polar Artcic Circle, in the Northern part of the country.

It was really beautiful up there, and made us think of ‘the Mysterious Island’ as it is quite unique.P1060179

We camped on night by the sea, all alone in a place feeling like the end of the world (and still freezing of course ^^)P1060258

Enjoying the everlasting day (as the sun never sets so up North in the summer)


And we said goodbye to the smelly codsP1060209

and blue lagoon beachesP1060126

to slowly drive back southwards, where the sun sets! (below, view of the harbour in Trondheim)P1060035

Another great trip !! and already thinking of what will come next ;-)