Morocco summer 2009

(Guillaume) Morocco… our first travel on two wheels. When I looked at our photos to prepare this article I realised how much we were newbies in travelling… so I am a bit ashamed about some photos. Well, let’s show you!

First concern, how can we put all the stuff we (believe we) needed in only two panniers:


dsc00227I managed to put everything on the bike, and go to Malaga, where I met Laure who took the train to avoid two highway days.

We celebrate the beginning of our holidays in a chinese restaurant, Laure was very happy ;-)


The next day we crossed the mediterranean sea and had our first impressions on the african ground.

Along the sea the landscape is mediterranean.

???????????????????????????????Morocco is a wonderful country, full of different landscapes. During the first days in a few kilomometers it turns from mediterranean to small mountains ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

then woodsp1000258

It turns to be mountains with altitude lakes of a very nice blue p1000610p1000653

Todgha Valley


and the desert!P1000747

Then we rode to the Atlantic ocean, rested a bit at Essaouira. Too bad you can not experience the smell…


We rode back to the Atlas to reach the mountains and fresh air P1000922

Then visited MarrakechP1010024P1010077

On the way to the North we had the chance to be invited in a wedding.P1010895  We had a great time in Volubilis and ChefchaouenP1010232

and finally after the ferry and a stop in Barcelona we were happy to spend some days in Nimes with some friendsP1010323

A few days later… back at work with some travel projects in mind…