a special seat

For our trip, comfort is very important. Jean-Marc Briant, a well-known French seatmaker, proposed to make for us a special seat.

We went to his shop  on a Saturday morning to have it prepared.


Jean-Marc  works on the foam while his wife cuts the leather.


we have two layers of Bultex foam on our new seat, for hours of comfortable riding!


Then  Jean-Marc  prepares  the cover. Seeing him sewing is the most impressive part, he sews really, really quickly.


Once the cover set on the foam, it is done!


We haven’t told here every detail of the preparation of a custom seat, but it’s a real piece of art. Go to Barby and see by yourself!

Mr and Mrs Briant, thank you for the awesome moments we shared together, for this wonderful seat (and for the Chinese restaurant!)


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